Name: Tiffany

Subject: Leadership meeting

Message: When Nathan spoke at our leadership meeting, it felt satisfying knowing Im important not only to my supervisor for setting the meeting up but to Nathan, for investing in us. I appreciate everything he said and I even took notes because in some aspect we all need a little work in our leadership skills. I took a lot from it and I plan to put into action. He not only connected with us but he was totally engaged with every question we had. If you need help or even feel the need to strengthen your leadership skills, I highly recommend you talk with Nathan.

Name: Rodney

Subject: Awesome leadership

Message: Nathan pooley is a great teacher. My boss tells us we are going to have a leadership meeting so I expected just to be told a couple of things, but I was wrong.  Instead, Nathan pooley comes in and just does his thing he is very laid back and relaxed and doesn't try and talk over you if you have a question but will stop listen and answer he really got my attention and held it. I was informed of things I never thought about and learned and retained a lot of the information. If I had a choice of a teacher for any subject I would choose Nathan!